How to achieve consistency in your designs with icons

Consistency is one of the key elements for keeping your designs intact and professional.

When using icons, there are a few simple rules that you can stick to so your designs look nice and clean and in this post we will walk you through them.

To mix is not to match

Use icons that have the same look, so they are visually matching. Avoid combining flat and linear or solid shapes. They are not friends and will not look good together.

To find consistent icons on Gogeticon, Sort them by popularity. The sorting feature groups icons from the same style together so you can easily choose the one you like the most.

And by searching on the Author style page, you can get results of icons just from that style and ensure consistency in your design.

Some styles contain thousands of icons and will help you keep your design consistent.

Thick and thin

If you use outline icons, make sure the strokes are the same size. You can ensure this by using icons from the same style, or you can adjust the stroke size to be the same.

Gogeticon offers icons in editable SVG format, which you can change the stroke size of directly in our editor.

Font the perfect match

A great approach for accomplishing consistency in your design is to visually match icons with the typeface you are using. While there is no straightforward formula to achieve this, and you have to rely on your eyes and taste, it will make your design look like it’s done by a pro.

Tips for pairing icons with fonts:

If you’re using linear icons, try finding a font with the same (or almost the same) line width as the icons. It will create a nice, unified look.

Try visually pairing the icon style with your font. If you’re using a specific artistic style of icons, like hand-drawn, look for a similarly hand-drawn typeface to match it. Here are a few examples of nice font and icon matches.