The powerful simplicity of plain palette icons

When saturation is the norm, simplicity becomes the way forward.

Designers have always been tasked with finding ways to say more with less, but you may have noticed that in the age of over-information, it’s more important than ever to make conscious use of graphic elements.

The use of color is one of the areas of design that has most reflected this trend. Using a wide range of colors used to be synonymous with dynamism and vibrancy, but today, this practice is often associated with noise and confusion.

Just as we have seen the benefits of economizing on words on a site or app, the use of just a few colors has also proven to be a good practice to convey a message with greater clarity.

This is how plain palette icons were born: as a solution to create more fluid, friendly and consistent experiences.

It is no coincidence that this is one of this year’s design trends as anticipated in Freepik Company’s Visual Trends 2023 guide.

What are plain palette icons?

Plain palette icons are icons created from different shades, tones and shadows from one or a few colors.

These icons meet the adage to do more with less by exploiting the full potential of a color at the same time as creating a harmonious visual experience.

It’s easy to think that sticking to a single color might make an icon dull and monotonous. However, just take a look at a few examples to see why the simplicity of these icons is not at odds with dynamism and fun.

Plain palette icons in action

By now you’re probably wondering how to use these icons. That’s why we’ve prepared a series of packs to show you that icons with a limited color palette are not only dynamic, but also very versatile.

Pack for travelers

Our Travel Icon Pack is perfect to get your user into travel mode without making browsing complex.

The evidence is in the detail, such as the use of orange to portray the warm elements of a holiday and green to refer to elements of nature.

These associations make a single color more than enough.

Plain Palette Icons - Travel Pack

Business pack

The Leadership Icon Pack reminds you that it’s perfectly possible to have fun while talking about serious issues.

Whether you’re designing a report card or working on a website for a tech company, this pack is designed to give authority to your arguments through its conscious use of color.

Plain Palette Icons - Leadership Pack

Celebration pack

We return to the fun these icons can bring with the Birthday Icon Pack, designed for projects where entertainment and celebration are the central theme.

The use of color in these icons brings to mind that fancy party we’d all like to attend.

Plain Palette Icons - Birthday Pack

Sometimes one color is enough

Now that you know all about plain palette icons, it’s time to get down to work and discover for yourself the benefits of doing more with less.

In addition to the collections already mentioned, you’ll find many more on this page or by searching for them on the Gogeticon site as Special Meteor Linear Color.